Certain DACA Recipients must return their 3-year Employment Authorization Documents

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Certain DACA Recipients must return their 3-year Employment Authorization Documents



Certain DACA Recipients must return their 3-year Employment Authorization Documents

USCIS is in the process of collecting the 3-year Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) that they issued to DACA recipients after 2/16/15.

This affects 2600 people: 2100 people whose EADs were mailed after 2/16/15, and 500 people whose EADs were mailed before 2/16/15 but then were returned as undeliverable to USCIS, and USCIS re-sent them after 2/16/15.

USCIS has already sent out “notices of intent to terminate DACA status” to these 2600 people. The notices request that the DACA recipient return the 3-year EAD card or, if their card has been lost, stolen or destroyed, the DACA recipient can sign and mail back a certification explaining why it is not possible to return the EAD.

USCIS has recently mailed new 2-year replacement EAD cards to these 2600 people. (These cards will be valid for 2 years from the date of the original DACA approval.)


One group of letters gave a deadline to return the cards of 7/21/15, and a second group of letters gave a deadline of 7/27/15. The absolute deadline by which USCIS needs to receive the cards is 7/30/15, but preferably before.

Starting 7/31/15, USCIS will terminate DACA status and revoke I-765 approval for any of these 2600 people who have not responded to the notice.  USCIS will send a termination notice.

This may also be considered a negative factor for any future requests for benefits.

How to return cards:

1) Can return them by person, with no appointment needed, at the InfoPass section of any local USCIS Field Office (http://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-uscis-office/field-offices), or

2) Can return them by mail (overnight or Express Mail recommended) to:

US Department of Homeland Security
PO BOX 87730
Lincoln, NE 68501-7730

Home visits by USCIS:

USCIS has already begun sending officers to the homes of some DACA recipients in California, Illinois and Texas to collect the 3-year EAD. Starting next week, USCIS will expand these home visits to other states.

The day before or the morning of the home visit, USCIS will try to call the DACA recipient and the attorney of record (if any) to notify them of the home visit.

The purpose of the home visits is only to collect the 3-year EAD; the officers will not ask any other questions or try to do anything else while they are there.

The visits will be done by two plainclothes USCIS officers (not CBP or ICE officers), who will show an official government ID card or “credential” and who will also show a copy of the Notice of Intent to Terminate.

What happens after USCIS receives the card or the certification that the 3-year card was lost/stolen/destroyed:

USCIS will mail a follow-up notice confirming the cancellation of the notice of intent to terminate.

For questions:

Call the 800# (800-375-5283, option 8) or go to www.uscis.gov/DACA.


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