When Should You Consult an Immigration Lawyer

When Should You Consult an Immigration Lawyer



When Should You Consult an Immigration Lawyer

Essentially, any time you face an immigration issue, you will be better off working with skilled and experienced immigration lawyers. Immigration law involves a lot of technicalities. Knowing how to file and who to talk to can be almost as important as knowing the law. Let’s look at some areas where you want to call an immigration lawyer.

You Have Eligibility Questions

If you’re on the road to lawful permanent residency and think there might be an eligibility issue lurking in the background, you must contact an immigration lawyer immediately. You can resolve many issues eventually, but the quicker that resolution work starts, the better your chances of success.

Prior Denial

A denial in the past makes it easy for an official to deny you today. An attorney can assist you in getting past this virtually automatic denial.

Criminal History

If you have a criminal record or commit a crime while in the U.S. as an immigrant, you are subject to denial or removal. An attorney can help you overcome this problem if it is at all possible to do so. You will be far more likely to make progress with an attorney than without one. 

Discretionary Relief

Suppose you’re asking for something like asylum or a waiver. In that case, you are, in effect, trying to persuade the immigration authorities to give you some benefit you might not ordinarily get. This kind of case isn’t just a matter of knowing the law. It takes the skills of an experienced lawyer who understands what arguments will persuade the authorities to grant you the relief you seek. Rather than establish a trail of mistakes and errors, it’s better to get an attorney as soon in the process as you can. 

Immigration Roadblocks

Suppose you’re having difficulties with obtaining a USCIS green card, citizenship, or another immigration issue. In that case, it’s better to retain counsel than to keep floundering and hoping you give the correct responses. If the government has asked for additional information, an experienced attorney will know how to respond to that request and what information you need in which format. 

Deportation Matters

If you’ve been deported or just notified that deportation or removal proceedings are beginning against you, don’t consider hiring an attorney. Find a good, experienced immigration lawyer immediately and let them handle your case. There is nothing not serious about deportation and removal. 

Investment-Based Visas

In recent years, the government has begun to allow foreign investors in U.S. companies or industries to immigrate to the U.S. due to that investment. As with many immigration law matters, this is a highly technical group of rules, and an experienced immigration attorney is your most likely route to success. 

Finding An Immigration Lawyer

Interview lawyers as you would candidates for a job. You should be comfortable with your attorney but also want someone with a lot of experience in cases like yours. Many immigration lawyers focus their practice on one or a few areas of immigration law. You want to ensure that the attorney you hire concentrates on your kind of case. The Law Offices of Robert Ahlgren and Associates work with a comprehensive spectrum of immigration law matters, and we will be happy to assist you with your problem today. Contact us or call 312-782-1804 today.


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