Chicago Citizenship Attorney

Chicago Citizenship Attorney

Our trusted Chicago citizenship attorneys are well-versed in many different aspects of immigration law. For example, we’ve helped our previous and current clients with issues with processing applications, fiance and K-1 visas, and specific stages of the overall citizenship and naturalization process.

Let’s take a look at what a citizenship attorney’s job is, then see how one can effectively help you. 

What Exactly Does a Citizenship Lawyer Do?

When it comes down to immigration laws in the United States, they are some of the most confusing. For example, a person might make an error on their application for naturalization. Or, they may not have the right amount of or all of the correct evidence that’s needed when they are submitting applications and forms. 

In instances such as these, obtaining help from a knowledgeable Chicago citizenship attorney would be your best move. Your lawyer will help you to better understand your rights and what the exact laws are, as well as make sure that your paperwork is complete and accurate. 

Once a person meets citizenship requirements (such as being a resident for five years or more and being over 18 years old), then a reputable citizenship attorney will greatly assist them in the remaining steps to attaining their official Certificate of Naturalization. There are exact steps that need to be taken, starting with the proper filling out and submission of form N-400, the Application for Naturalization. 

How a Chicago Citizenship Attorney Can Help You

As you would before hiring any lawyer, you should always do some background checking on your chosen citizenship attorney. In addition to having a good track record, they should also be passionate about issues such as human rights and genuinely care about how much the immigration status of an individual can affect their everyday life. 

For example, a client’s status of citizenship may be tied in with other issues they may be having with tax or family laws. Not only will he or she skillfully represent you in court, but your lawyer will also counsel you on legal rights that you may or may not realize you have. 

There are certain areas that every citizenship lawyer should be proficient in, but they should especially be aware of just how much authority the government has over the various policies of immigration. There are different departments that have to do with the immigration process. Some are The Department of Labor, The Department of Homeland Security, The Department of Justice, and The State Department. A good immigration lawyer should be proficient in citizenship and naturalization matters to best help their clients.

Contact Your Chicago Citizenship Attorney

Whether you would like to discuss your potential eligibility for U.S. citizenship, start the petition process, or need assistance with your appeal, contact us at Ahlgren and Associates. We’ll ensure that the entire process is streamlined and understandable for you from beginning to end. We are dedicated to helping clients through every step of the naturalization process, so reach out today for more information.