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Marie Aguirre

Marie Aguirre



Marie Aguirre

I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and I want to thank the staff at Robert D. Ahlgren and Associates. I was referred to them through a friend, but mind you prior to choosing this firm I went to see at least 3 more firms and nobody else gave me the confidence that they knew what they were speaking of. I started my case last year December 2016 and as of this year December 1, 2017 I couldn’t be any happier with my status outcome. I find the staff very professional and the lawyers honest because if there’s nothing they cannot deliver they let us know up front based case scenario. Our Paralegal Mauricio is very knowledgeable and answered all our questions that we had at any time. Mauricio also prepared us for interview with USCIS and was on point with most of the questions we got asked. Anybody that is looking for an immigration lawyer I personally recommend you schedule an appointment and make your decision from there.


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