Humanitarian Relief

Humanitarian Relief

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There are numerous immigration programs that allow people both into the United States and to remain here because they may be in some sort of danger. Immigration laws afford some people the protection that presence in the United States gives. First, these people must meet all the requirements to apply for these benefits. Below are some programs under which people can qualify for protection in the United States.


When you arrive in the United States, you can apply for asylum at your port of entry. Here, you must show that you meet the legal definition of “refugee” in U.S. immigration laws. This is based on past persecution that you have suffered or would suffer if you were returned to your home country. The persecution could be based on your religion, race, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. If you are granted asylum, you can apply for Legal Permanent Resident Status after a year in the United States.

There are other similar ways that you can qualify for legal protection. You can also apply for either withholding of removal or protection under the United Nations Convention Against Torture. Essentially, the United States cannot legally send you home if you are in certain types of danger back home.

Temporary Protective Status

The United States has a program that gives protections to residents of certain countries. This primarily helps people who come from countries where there have been natural disasters or armed conflicts. When arrivals from a country come here within a certain period after the conflict or disaster, they can apply for the program. So long as they have TPS, they cannot be deported. This program is not permanent, and the government can end TPS protections for certain countries. In practice, courts have made it difficult for the government to end this program.

Violence Against Women Act (“VAWA”)

Certain people can file to prevent removal or can obtain a visa for their own protection. VAWA allows an abused spouse or child of a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident or an abused parent of a U.S. citizen to self-petition for lawful status in the United States, receive employment authorization, and access public benefits. VAWA provides domestic violence survivors with the means that are essential to escaping violence and establishing safe, independent lives.

U Visa and T Visa

In addition, there is a special category of visas for non-citizens who have been victims of certain crimes or have been victims of human trafficking.

Your immigration attorney can help you in several areas with regard to humanitarian relief:

  • They assist you with the affirmative filings in which you detail your eligibility for these programs.
  • They represent you at hearings where you are opposing removal from this country.

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