Victim of Crime Applications

Victim of Crime Applications

Ready to Help Those That Are a Victim of Crime with Visa Applications

U.S. Immigration law recognizes many different humanitarian grounds for immigration. This means that, even if you do not have a family member or employer to act as a sponsor, you may still be able to get a visa. The experienced immigration lawyers at the Law Office of Robert D. Ahlgren and Associates, P.C. have helped many crime victims file successful immigration petitions. Learn more about the different types of visas that can result from victim of crime applications.

U Visas

In 2000, Congress passed the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act. The goal of this law was to help law enforcement agencies address domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and other serious crimes. Among other provisions, the law created the U visa status. U visas are available to victims of specific crimes who are able to help government officials investigate and prosecute these crimes. U visas are designed to both protect crime victims who have suffered serious mental or physical abuse and to make it easier for law enforcement officials to investigate and prosecute these serious crimes. 

VAWA Petitions

The Violence Against Women Act includes provisions for immigration rights to women who are victims of domestic abuse, violence, and other specified crimes. This is important because abusers will often use a victim’s immigration status as a threat. For example, an abuser often threatens to “call the authorities” or “take away a green card” if the victim reports the abuse. VAWA addresses this all-too-common scenario by allowing the victim to apply for a green card without a sponsor. Consult with an immigration lawyer to see if you qualify for immigration protection under VAWA.   


Asylum has become a hot political issue in current American society. The number of refugees admitted annually was drastically reduced under the Trump Administration. The Biden Administration has pledged to increase asylum admissions once again, but unfortunately, these efforts have been hindered by the systemic cutbacks made during the Trump years. There are currently far more immigrants seeking asylum than can be processed by government officials. The delays are causing many immigrants to wait weeks simply to be admitted to a holding facility in order to begin the process of seeking asylum. In spite of all these challenges, immigrants do still have the right to claim asylum if they qualify for refugee status. An immigration lawyer can help you determine if your status as a crime victim will support a petition for asylum. If asylum is not an option available to you, there may still be other visas for which you qualify on humanitarian grounds

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At the Law Office of Robert D. Ahlgren and Associates, P.C., our experienced immigration lawyers have successfully filed petitions for immigration status for many crime victims. There are many ways to seek legal immigration status as a crime victim, and it is important to work with an attorney who can find the best strategy for your unique case. Contact us to schedule a consultation at our office in Chicago. Don’t delay: with an attorney working on your lawful immigration status, your future will be safer and more secure.

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