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Waivers of Inadmissibility

Waivers of Inadmissibility

Obtain an Inadmissibility Waiver With the Help of a Chicago Immigration Lawyer

In some instances, a person’s visa application to come into the United States is denied for a variety of reasons. As a result, the person may not be issued a green card and/or might be denied certain other benefits of immigration. If this has happened to you, you may be eligible to file an inadmissibility waiver. When you seek a waiver of inadmissibility, you essentially ask USCIS to look past any reasons why you might have been deemed inadmissible to enter the United States – and subsequently permit you to enter the country. Not every person is eligible for a waiver. Even if you are eligible to ask for a waiver, it is not always easy to get that waiver approved.

The Chicago immigration lawyers at the Law Office of Robert D. Ahlgren and Associates, P.C., could assist you with pursuing a waiver of inadmissibility if you are eligible. Please call us today to find out more about how we could assist with resolving your immigration issue. We will make sure to explain the process fully and answer all your questions about this complicated process.

Reasons Why You Might be Deemed Inadmissible to Enter the United States

There are several reasons why USCIS might deem you inadmissible to enter the United States. Some common reasons for inadmissibility include the following:

  • Unlawful Presence— The most common ground of inadmissibility is when a person has accumulated unlawful presence in the United States. If an individual has accumulated more than 6 months but less than a year and then departs the United States, that individual will be inadmissible for a period of 3 years.  If, however, an individual has accumulated more than 1 year of unlawful presence and then departs the United States, he or she will be inadmissible for a period of 10 years.  There are some individuals who will be eligible for a waiver to avoid this 3- or 10-year bar.
  • Criminal inadmissibility – When individuals commit certain crimes in their home countries or in the United States, that can render them ineligible to get a green card or visa. This is true even if they satisfy all of the other criteria for immigration. Potential disqualifying offenses include convictions for prostitution, sex offenses, drug crimes, and crimes of moral turpitude. There are some criminal convictions for which there is no waiver available. Even if you are eligible for an inadmissibility waiver, it oftentimes difficult to obtain this type of waiver.
  • Fraud – An individual may be found inadmissible if he or she obtains an immigration benefit either through fraud or​ willful misrepresentation. This is commonly found where an individual presented a fraudulent document in an attempt to enter the United States.  This can also be found if an individual lied to try to obtain any sort of immigration benefit.
  • Prior deportations – A person who attempts to reenter the United States – or reenters – after he or she has previously been deported can render an individual inadmissible. A person could be considered inadmissible to reenter the United States for a period of five, ten, or twenty years – or could even be permanently barred from reentering the country – depending upon how many prior deportations he or she has on record.

Speak with an Experienced Chicago Immigration Lawyer about Your Legal Issue Today

In certain instances, a person might be able to receive a waiver of inadmissibility if his or her case and/or family circumstances allow the person to qualify.

At the Law Office of Robert D. Ahlgren and Associates, P.C., our legal team will be able to determine if you qualify for such a waiver and, if so, can assist you throughout the entire process. For a case evaluation and legal consultation with an experienced Chicago immigration attorney, please call us today at 312-782-1804 or contact us online today to learn more about how we could assist you with your immigration case.

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