Victor M.


They stopped me from deportation and they helped me a lot in court. They told me ‘this case is good, you qualify for three reasons for residency and in two years you will have it and you do not have to leave’ and that’s the way it was.

(Original) Me detuvieron una deportación y me ayudaron mucho en la corte , me dijeron este caso está bueno calificas por tres razones para la residencia y en dos años la tendrás y no tienes que salir y así fue.

Max K.


Very nice, honest and professional people. Very knowledgeable, explained everything very clearly and doesn’t scam people for money like a lot of other lawyers do.

Enrique L.



Isamar P.


This law office took care of my mom’s case and we had no problems. They take care of their clients extremely well. I am grateful! I highly recommend these lawyers, they are truly the best!

Rogelio Q.


They will get it done.

Michael K.


They know what they’re doing!

Vilma B.

Chags R.


Great law firm. They are currently helping with my wife’s case and everything is looking good!

Eliseo S.


Everything is fast and very good, I recommend them one hundred percent.

(Original) Porque todo lo asen rápido y muy bien, lo recomiendo al cien por ciento.

Milena A.

Veronica A.


Best lawyers/ great customer service/bilingual-Spanish/ very helpful and caring

Carlos P.


Excellent, professional and effective.

(Original) Excelentes profesionales y efectivos

Susie Q.


Martin H.


Good lawyers, good service and a lot of kindness from all staff.

(Original) Buenos abogados buen servicio y mucha amabilidad de todo el personal.

Tony C.


Very nice staff and people. I had a question and they were on point with everything. I do recommend stopping by and asking some questions if you’re not sure. Big help. It answered my question. Thanks. 100% thanks.

Ralph L.


The best immigration lawyers, the whole family goes with them.

(Original) Abogados de inmigración son los mejores, toda la familia va con ellos.

Javier A.

Good staff, friendly lawyers

Flora B.


So far so good, I recommend them.

Sonia S.

Juana T.


Amazing people, very nice and super knowledgeable.

Maria G.

Alicia M.


Stephanie S.


I was very satisfied with their service. Maggie did a great job in preparing me and my husband for our interview with immigration. I am beyond thankful and satisfied with this law group. Very professional and helpful.

Rocio P.


I am very satisfied with our case. Alexia was such a great help. She prepared the packet with everything that was needed. Everything turned out good and I really appreciate everything that she did.

Tomas J.


Great consultation experience.

Marisol M.


Words can’t explain how thankful I am with Abundio, Izamar and Kathleen. An immigration process is a life-changing event. You need people who you can trust. Abundio was helping us at first, and then Izamar took over. Abundio was awesome as well, but I lost count of how many times I would contact Izamar with questions, and all the time she will answer with a friendly and detailed explanation. They know what they are doing. My process did take longer than expected, but it was my fault for not sending them the papers that I needed. I would send Izamar what she requested, she will give me a time frame when to expect a letter from immigration. ALL THE TIME they were accurate. When I went to Ciudad Juarez, there were many people that I met going through the same process. However, their attorney didn’t help them as much as Izamar and Kathleen helped us. Izamar prepared the package so well, with everything we ACTUALLY need. We didn’t have to worry about printing more documents, or going to different places to get them. Our package was in order. We had no issues at all. Everything was very self explanatory. Also, when we got back. Izamar made sure everything was good. Talked to my husband and make him aware of what we needed to do.  My experience with this law office was excellent. IZAMAR, ABUNDIO AND KATHLEEN THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU GUYS DID.

Mickey B.


Honest lawyers, highly recommended

Jamie M.


Monique was extremely friendly and had a smile on her face the entire time. She made us feel so at ease when talking about the benefits and everything she had to offer.

Isabella G


I had consulted 2 different lawyers and one messed up my case and the other just gave up and when a friend referred me to this firm I liked the service and how they resolve my case. Rosy was very honest about my case and definitely worth every $ I spent, they surely know what they are doing.

Mark M.

Heriberto F.


Very professional and effective and reliable.

(Original) Muy profesionales y eficaces y confiables.

Marie A.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and I want to thank the staff at Robert D. Ahlgren and Associates. I was referred to them through a friend, but mind you prior to choosing this firm I went to see at least 3 more firms and nobody else gave me the confidence that they knew what they were speaking of. I started my case last year December 2016 and as of this year December 1, 2017 I couldn’t be any happier with my status outcome. I find the staff very professional and the lawyers honest because if there’s nothing they cannot deliver they let us know up front based case scenario. Our Paralegal Mauricio is very knowledgeable and answered all our questions that we had at any time. Mauricio also prepared us for interview with USCIS and was on point with most of the questions we got asked. Anybody that is looking for an immigration lawyer I personally recommend you schedule an appointment and make your decision from there.

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